Explore Research: Eighties.

– 28.02.12 –

The 80s marks the ‘X’ for affordable technology. The shift from political decade to more of a technical transformation. The 1980s started out as a foundation for today’s technology such as cell phones, computers and game consoles.

In the early 80s, history was changed internationally as two royal members tied the knot. Prince Charles and Princess of Wales, Diana. The wedding was held at St Paul’s Cathedral, London. It was known as “the most ultimate fairy tale wedding” with viewers of over 750 million worldwide. The designers of the infamous weddings dress of the late Princess Diana were David and Elizabeth Emanuel. The fabrics used to create the gown, was made from woven silk tafetta, lace and 10,000 pearls. Elizabeth Emanuel had stated “had to be something that was going to go down in history, but also something that Diana loved”. The lace technique on the dress was later used as the same method for Kate Middleton’s wedding dress for when she was wedded with Prince William in 2011.

Princess Diana

Kate Middleton

Technology that changed the world!

The first model DynaTAC 8000x manufactured by Motorola Inc. in 1983 became the first cell phone to be shown to the public for sale at $3,995. The targeted group for the cellphone was businessmen, actors and the upper class people. The basic necessities of the cellphone at the time was just for calls. They offered 30 minutes of talk time and 8 hours standby.

Motorola DynaTAC 8000x

New Romantics became a new phase where a pop culture influenced the music style and fashion of the early 80s. Famous nightclubs at the time such as The Blitz and Billy’s, helped introduced new unusual and flamboyant fashion. Which can be seen as quiet androgenic. Boy George, Duran Duran, Ultravox and Visage had started the new romantic trend strongly knowing many people would aspire in their footsteps.

According to new romantics, the choice of clothing varied from shoulder pads, leggings, jumpsuit, leather pants, aviator jackets, skin tight acid wash jeans, miniskirts and leg warmers. Some of the hairstyles were quiet significant trends of the 80s including the perm, the mullet, Hi top fade and not forgetting the BIG HAIR. Also, Ray Bans became really popular after the infamous film “Top Gun”

Top Gun

Salt n Pepa

Claude Montana

The 80’s  is a decade where fashion, music and technology played a huge role and was a huge influence. The start of becoming advance and theatrical.


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