Explore Research: The Vexed Story.

– 31.02.12 –

– “Creating debate.”

In the early to mid 90’s, two designers Adam Thorpe and Joe Hunter decided to form their own label. Hunter had a clothing label in recycled clothing and Thorpe was working for a record label, dealing with many types of sportswear.They did not come from a fashion background as Thorpe was a former science student and Hunters background was in graphics.

From there, the designers worked on English street environment. The designers wanted to move away from the American style and produce a London streetwear and combine the practical needs and political concerns of urban generation. It is a mixture of form and function. They considered carefully about personal safety and protection against air pollution. But also to see more of their unusual ideas to influence their designs, such as civil liberties, street protests and CCTV surveillance.

Vexed Generation.

The fabrics that were used for garments such as the Vexed Parkas were space age materials originally designed by NASA.

Inspiration have been influenced by the natural and built environment around the designers. The fabric that was used for the Parkas was essential to the design and ability to the product.Ballistic nylon [ a high tenacity nylon 66 ] was treated with a fluorocarbon coating and neoprene lamination on the inside of the fabric. The finished garment is scuff proof, slash resistant, waterproof and fireproof.  Ballistic nylon is originally used for protective military flak jackets.

Adam Thorpe and Joe Hunter

Vexed Generation shows that the garments have more than one use and it’s not just a fashion piece. It has more than one meaning and it fits in perfectly to the London urban life. Not only you can feel good about yourself, you can also feel safe from it too.

They have done multiple of collaborations with other brands and installations such as, Puma, Louis Vuitton and Nokia.

I am lucky to say that Joe Hunter [ Vexed Generation ] is one of my tutors at University of East London.

Vexed Generation is based in:

3 Berwick Street,



020 7287 6224 ‎

Peace. – Sajj P.


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