Explore Research: Fashion Awareness.

– 24.02.12 –

Sajj P is aspiring to reach new heights and make a difference. Lives in the ‘Big Smoke’, the most diverse and busiest place of all, a city full of buzz and adrenaline which has endless opportunities.

Sajj P feels that he can gain knowledge everyday with his surroundings and be able to have a creative flow. Even though Sajj P is born and raised in the most diverse city in the world, he shares a mixture of British and Asian lifestyle and has a vast knowledge of the two cultures.

Edited by Sajj P

However, it is difficult for him to power his overflowing river of creativity. Living an innovative mind is not often seen as a lifetime career and could possibly be seen as taboo.

Luckily for Sajj, he has all the support in the world. And Sajj P is there to express Art and be distinctive.

Sajj P will be increasing his fashion awareness as you will see over the 12 week period. This will include primary and secondary research. Engage with designers, trends, sub cultures, consumers and muses in the later 20th century. Also to be familiar with the socio-cultural, political and society.

Edited by Sajj P

Following questions will be identified throughout the context of fashion:

– What is the cultural history?

– Does fashion reflect society?


– Legal

– Economic

– Political

– Environmental

– Socio-Cultural

– Technological

– Competitive forces

Ave a butchers and enjoy!

Creativity is my world. Art, Fashion and Inspiration. – Sajj P

Peace. – Sajj P.


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